Sebastián Reggiardo is CEO de SR Investments Group and Corp, holding based in NY, which has successfully developed absolute diverse companies, in a dynamic and ductile way, within highly competitive markets and in many areas worldwide.

We live in a complex economic environment, in an extreme changing world. Throughout SR Investments Group and Corp track record, we have always been able to recognize opportunities, even in difficult situations, and the current time is no exception.

I have seen many changes, both in the agro industry and the financial sector, since SR Investments Group and Corp became active. I personally decided to establish a company, fully centered in client satisfaction, collaborative teamwork, encouragement of sustainability and safety, and occupational health, in brief, a place where employees willingly resort to every morning.

Our strength has always been our local teams, and our oriented service to clients ‘needs. It is my understanding, that a company leader must always provide a solid and strong base, adequate resources in order to facilitate the staff effective labor, as well as to encourage technological innovation within our activities.

Our staff owns the necessary technical and regulatory knowledge to satisfy our client’s needs, and to sort out their issues with maximum efficiency and security. This has always been SR Investments Group and Corp focus, which has enormously benefited both the Company and our clients.

Within our main activities of our services portfolio, we have clients in many different countries. We have developed long-term sustained relationships and supported their projects as their companies were evolving, merging and developing throughout time. We have expanded in correlation with them, moved to other geographic areas.

Over the course of our pathway, we have boosted companies of different market sectors, to achieve their project´s aims.

We look forward to the future, desiring to benefit from whatever opportunities may come, in order to provide advanced technology, services and solutions that contribute sustainable results to our clients.

Sebastián Reggiardo