SR Investments Group and Corp is a holding based in NY, which has successfully developed absolute diverse companies, in a dynamic and ductile way, within highly competitive markets and in many areas worldwide.

We own a 20-year track record in financial services and agribusiness, with vast leadership in derivative markets trading.

Thanks to excellent opportunities provided by Argentina, as generator of raw material, and with special emphasis and focus on the importance of giving extra value to seeds, the Company reinforces its expansion and growth.

Nowadays, growth does not pause, as part of a permanent target of innovation and progress.

SR Investments Group and Corp keeps investing, analyzing each opportunity which imply to move on and also, training its staff in order to reach excellency and success.

Provide individuals with high quality products and services, looking for efficient satisfaction of our clients, partners, suppliers and the community needs, keeping competitive growth through Excellency.

Keep continuous growth, adding substantial value to raw material through agro-industrial processes innovation and new business development.